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A phone call turns into a project turns into a long-term hassle-free relationship with easily repeatable output and market impact.

An example:

Once upon a time I was contacted by Adam Hodgson. Adam is co-owner of Yeo Design, a luxury joinery and installation company.


He was frustrated about Yeo’s branding.


“Andy, It’s a bit shit. It’s telling the wrong story about us.”


We talked. I asked lots of questions and Adam answered them.


After two chats, we agreed I should write a Tone of Voice guide and fresh copy for their new website.


I delivered both 10 days later. 5 days thinking, 5 days scribbling. (I only charge for the scribbling).

Cool orange geometric logo shaped like the letter Y
"Yeo’s personality is a rare hybrid of wildness and sophistication. Luxury hewn by the elements.

Yeo is not for everyone. Yeo is the brand for bold pioneers. For those who want to inhabit a space less ordinary."

Website wording

A luxuriously appointed living room with red sofa, wooden floor, and pictures on the wall
Snippet from a website landing page with orange title YEO and words explaining what the company does
A stylish kitchen with cupboards and a thick worktop and shelves in the background
A snippet from a webpage with orange title "Why" and two paragraphs of words explaining the company's personality


A white man with his thumb in the air and a large wooden splinter sticking out of the top of it
Snippet of text taken from a website blog entitled "Splinters"
A black and white picture of a tree in a field that has grown sideways due to the wind
A snippet of text taken from a website blog entitled "Cornish Trees"

Adam and his marketing team wanted more, so I wrote and drew the storyboard for their brand video. The brilliant Tommy Gillard directed it.

“As we’ve grown Yeo to the niche market-leader it is today, I can look back on a chain of decisions that made it all happen. Opening design studios in Notting Hill and Cornwall, great ideas. Opening a huge new workshop in Devon to meet growing demand, a wise decision.


Working with Bearson to help us find and project our personality, a mild stroke of genius.


Our target audience and growing team understand precisely who we are and what we’re about. Time and money spent with Bearson continues to deliver genuine ROI both externally and internally.”

Adam Hodgson – Director / Co-owner


The landing page of Hitachi website with large words "Hitachi Social Innovation is Powering Good" and a colour picture of a woman jogging away from the camera
Delivering B-2-B and internal articles, interviews, technical documents, and blogs within a well-defined ToV as befits one of the top 30 largest global corporations. Hitachi’s technology is always cutting-edge and fascinating to write about.
A website landing page for Hitachi Social Innovation. Mostly white with some photos of diverse individuals on it.

JET Connectivity 

A rapidly growing tech scale-up pioneering delivery of genuinely world-leading 5G communication solutions into the maritime environment.
Bearson has been supporting their narrative branding since the company was started.
The landing page of a website for a company called JET Connectivity, green and white colours with icons on it.
The front cover of the UK 5G magazine with lots of peoples' heads on it
A page with an article on it about 5G. Words and two pictures.
A website page about 5G equipment with pictures of the sea, seaweed, and a drone.

“Andy’s insight and direction concerning our brand positioning and voice has been key in our continued success.


His ability to grasp the core benefits of what is complex and ground-breaking technology and reliably communicate that to our diverse sets of stakeholders is invaluable.


He’s a very smart and innovative guy. I’d recommend hiring him immediately.”


James Thomas – CEO / Founder

Kernowek Bevvies

Dav and his Dad Dennis are local legends. They asked me to write the words for their new website.

Their cider hits all the right spots and I wanted their verbal brand to mirror this. It had to convey key parts of their personality. The refreshing authenticity and simplicity of their process, and the twinkle in their eyes.

Website landing page for a local cider company. White and black colours, with words and a caricature of a man on it.
(I was happy to receive partial payment in cider).
Website page in colour with dark background and words describing a family cider business
Website page in colour advertising 3 different bottles of cider


Another world-leader, this time in the field of ethical-AI, behavioural and linguistic analytics and NLP.
A hyper-purpose driven SME working with major global partners.
3 years ago I re-branded the company completely giving it a harder edge, including a new website and marketing decks. The objective was to insert into defence and security markets.

This was achieved.

Website page with a blurred picture of people crossing an intersection and words with title "The Collective Challange"
Third slide of a set of 3 well-designed slides about behavioural analysis, pictures and images
Second slide of a set of 3 well-designed slides about behavioural analysis, pictures and images
First slide of a set of 3 well-designed slides about behavioural analysis, pictures and images
Snippet from a website page with 4 client logos on it and words selling services
A recent pivot towards healthcare and mental health markets required a rebrand including a new website.  
Website landing page for a company called Akumen who provide Natural Language Processing
Website page for a company called Akumen with icons and words about "Ethical-AI"

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