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"Andy stops you stuttering and twisting your tongue, stops you searching for that elusive turn of phrase and tone of voice.

Somehow he just gets into your head, sorts through your brain and, with incisive precision, plucks out everything you need with brevity and bravery"
Bob Fear
Marketing Legend

Hello, I'm Andy 'Bearson' Crouch

Outline cartoon drawing of a bear smiling and looking sideways, the logo character for BEARSON copywriting

I am a highly energetic and innovative problem solver – my brain rarely stops processing and it can see around corners.

I have been a professional marketing and branding consultant, and freelance copywriter, for 8 years with clients large and small, local and global.

I am happy to swear, mix metaphors, dissect infinitives, and ignore the Oxford comma if it’s going to add the required sizzle to your copy. And start sentences incorrectly.

In the last 4 years I have co-founded 2 start-ups, and I am a freelance business consultant and mentor for several others. I have a unique perspective.

I am equally at home in flip-flops and shorts being mad creative in Cornwall as I am suited and booted wandering about Whitehall. My network spreads far and wide.

I am a highly trained, experienced, and conscientious project manager – I always get the job done.


​I have special access to world-leading target audience behavioural analysis software which I use to give unfair advantage to my clients - read more about this below.

I do not often write lists but when I do I really enjoy it.

A colour protrait of a bearded man wearing an orange jumper against a blue wavey wall.

How we work together

The process is flexible to fit the unique requirements of each client. Typically it goes something like this:

You contact me.

We meet, one way or another.

We get to know each other. Specifically I start to understand Who you are, What you're doing, Why you're doing it and, most importantly of all, Where do you want to be in 1/3/5 years. 

I'll give you some ideas.

If you like the sound of them and the idea of working with me, we'll agree the project scope and contract.

I'll then provide:

Project Timeline

List of what I'll deliver to you

Any dependencies I need from you, eg: quotes, interviews, progress sign-offs

I'll do the work as per the project timeline.

Outputs are normally a combination of:

Tone of Voice guidelines

Training and Workshops

Content - everything from film storyboards to websites to marketing plans

Ongoing monitoring and support - advice, opinion, informal chats

The warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach of a well-made decision

How much do I cost?

Once the scope is agreed, I'll let you know how many days it will take. My day rate ranges from 400 to 800 pounds, depending on client and complexity. Minimum charge is 1/2 day. 

And should you need help beyond my personal means, I can introduce you to many creative masterminds, or manage them myself to get the job done.

Secret Weapon!

As well as being an edgy creative, I am also an edgy technologist. I am in the unique position to help you combine cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) with compelling creativity to guarantee results with your audiences. 

Let me explain.


I love good quality Artificial Intelligence (AI). I consult for a couple of AI developers and government departments - I help with the union between humans (mostly erratic bags of emotions) and machines (mostly lacking any clue to what an emotion is).

Once the complexities of human emotions and psychometrics have been explained to it, that AI becomes a powerful tool for anybody wanting to understand and effectively influence their target audiences using language.


Trust me, it's a game-changer. I've delivered projects to some of the cleverest people in their fields and watched their draws drop.

And the very best at it is a company called Akumen.


Akumen develops the most ethical, accurate, sensitive, and reliable rule-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI models across multiple markets, including products and services.

I can explain it to you in more detail, show you what's possible, and manage projects with Akumen. I know the technology and the team inside out.

It's not going to be a solution for every client, but for many it will provide an unfair advantage against your competition for understanding and connecting with your audiences.

You can read an example of its POWER here....

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