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I eat your vision and shit out laser-targeted rainbow copy

with brandtastic sprinkles on it

Outline cartoon drawing of a bear looking straight at you and smiling, the logo character for BEARSON copywriting

I'm a copywriter and brand hacker.

If you need a smart, friendly, zero-hassle creative with the experience of a two-time co-founder, all wrapped up in a bearded dude-bundle, I might be the missing part of your team.

You don't get to walk the walk
until you can talk the talk

When you have something amazing to offer the world, first you must convince the world to try it.

I will help you figure out what to say and how to say it best, to generate positive emotions in your audience.

Emotions drive behaviour. Behaviour drives your success.

This is the same for web content, press releases, brand storytelling, film story boards, white papers, anything your organisation puts out with words in it.

If it's got words in it,  I will help you project your brand through it. 


To start and grow your business, maintain market leadership, or pivot to capitalise on market opportunity.


I will identify the communication sweet-spots for your audiences, including your customers, your team, and investors.


Gain the tools and skills to guide future content creation - language and terminology, what not to say, the tone to create, the personality and characteristics of your organisation.


Once your personality is defined, it's not hard to create brand-aligned content in-house, using the tools I deliver.


Or keep me as part of your team. I have many longterm clients.

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